Our Personal Injury Services: A Quick Refresher!

We’ve outlined a quick refresher below to help you make the best use of our experience – spanning over 35 years – and our services in the field of Personal Injury and Clinical Negligence claims.

Personal Injury & Clinical Negligence Claims We Can Assist With:

  • Loss of Profit
  • Loss of Earnings
  • Loss of Pension
  • Loss of Dependency

Services We Provide:

  • CPR Reports
  • Pension Loss Calculations
  • Desktop Reports
  • Letters of Advice
  • White Label Schedules

When Should You Instruct Us?

As soon as you can. We frequently add value when we are instructed early. By using our specialists from the start, we can assist with some of the key and complex elements in the claim.


Free Training To Empower Your Team

We are always happy to provide free and bespoke training for legal practitioners to help you identify the most effective approach to calculating damages and how to make the most of our expertise from day one.

Need Our Help?

Contact our Specialist Personal Injury Team today via Please contact us on 0330 118 8200 or Make An Online Enquiry.

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