Picking Your Way Through The Long List Of Fraud Investigations

Picking Your Way Through The Long List Of Fraud InvestigationsAs it covers such a wide range of different crimes, fraud investigations are commonplace in courts up and down the country.

In September a review – led by former NHS anti-fraud boss Jim Gee – found that the NHS in England could be losing up to £5.7 billion a year to fraud. When you consider that the NHS’s annual budget is £100 billion, it is easy to see just how damaging this type of crime is.

Frenkels Forensics deals with a large number of fraud investigations every year. Again, this is because there are so many different types of fraud. Indeed, on its page ‘A-Z of Fraud’, Action Fraud lists around 150 different categories of fraudulent activity.

Whatever the specific type of fraud that has been committed, or is under investigation, forensic accounting can, more often than not, play an important role in proceedings.

Using accounting expertise and experience of the many different types of fraud that can take place, Frenkels Forensics can help both claimants and defendants get to the bottom of a fraud case, and in doing so produce a report that can stand up in a court of law to demonstrate the exact financial values connected to the fraudulent activity.

In the case of the fraud that is impacting the NHS – including, for example, dentists claiming money for NHS work they never actually carried out – forensic accountants can explore precisely what is alleged to have happened and ensure the correct amount is repaid to the claimant.

In other instances Frenkels Forensics can act on behalf of a defendant who stands accused of fraud and ensure the evidence prepared by the Crown Prosecution Service is consistent.

For expert help with a fraud investigation contact Frenkels Forensics for an independent appraisal.

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