Proceeds of Crime and Criminal Defence

At Frenkels Forensics we have extensive experience of working on cases involving proceeds of crime and criminal defence.

Proceeds of Crime and Criminal DefenceWe are usually instructed as forensic accountants on behalf of Defendants to consider the report prepared by the Crown Prosecution Service. These reports usually claim that a Defendant has benefited from a particular crime and intend recovering the amount of benefit from the Defendant’s known assets.

In our role as forensic accountants, we critically examine the basis of the Prosecution’s claim and in our report we isolate examples of legitimate trading which did not accrue from the proceeds of crime, but have nevertheless been included in the claim made by the Prosecution.

We also examine the evidence presented relating to a Defendant’s assets and adjust the figures based on the available evidence. Our forensic involvement usually means that both the figure for benefit and the claimed assets are substantially reduced in favour of the Defendant.

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