The Rise Of ‘Cyber Special Agents’ And The Importance Of Computer Forensics

The Rise Of ‘Cyber Special Agents’ And The Importance Of Computer ForensicsThe past 12 months have been filled with hacking incidents on an almost daily basis – it is a crime that is becoming increasingly prevalent, with few companies now safe from the prying hands of computer hackers.

But it is not just the criminal underworld that is calling on the services of sophisticated hackers; the FBI has recently announced that it is looking to hire ‘ethical hackers’ of its own to infiltrate enemy lines. Why use these ‘cyber special agents’? Because the FBI understands that a successful criminal investigation today often relies on advanced computer forensics.

It is something that the forensic accountants here at Frenkels Forensics are abundantly aware of. That is why we have experts who have developed sophisticated techniques to access encrypted data stored on an individual or company’s computer and reveal who performed what action and when.

Forget the high profile hacking of Sony and the digital cold war currently being played out by the US and North Korea – everyday cases including fraud, tax investigations and proceeds of crime can be solved by looking at the data residing on people’s computers.

A computer’s audit trail can reveal the truth behind who has been doing what. Computer forensic investigations, such as those Frenkels Forensics is experienced at working in, can take this data and translate it into something clear and meaningful in a court of law.

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