What Role Can Forensic Accounting Play In A Medical Negligence Case?

What Role Can Forensic Accounting Play In A Medical Negligence Case?Personal injury claims can come in many forms, but often the most damaging cases are those including clinical or medical negligence.

To demonstrate that point, in early April 2015 it was announced that James Robshaw was to be awarded £15 million in damages from the NHS following a medical negligence claim, making it one of the highest awards ever given to such a claim by a British court. James Robshaw, 12, was starved of oxygen during his birth leaving him with cerebral palsy and a lifetime of dependence.

Settlements in personal injury claims can be extremely difficult to calculate, which is why Frenkels Forensics is often called in to provide its forensic accounting services in these cases. The complexity stems from the wide range of factors, both short and long term, which must be taken into consideration when deciding how much an individual ought to be awarded to account for the mistake of a doctor, nurse or health institution.

The amount awarded in a personal injury claim must not only take into account the immediate damage – things like time off work or healthcare bills – but in more serious incidents it must include cover for loss of earnings, reduced quality of life and mental health issues emanating from the injury. In the most serious cases, where a victim dies as a result of professional negligence, additional costs must be calculated, such as the loss of pensions.

Whether working for a claimant or defendant, Frenkels Forensics are extremely experienced in quantifying the losses arising from a clinical negligence claim. Furthermore, the experts at Frenkels can present this information in a clear and concise report, thereby aiding the process of reaching a fair and agreeable settlement to a personal injury claim.

For expert help in making or defending against a personal injury claim, contact Frenkels Forensics for an independent appraisal.

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