Understanding The Complications That Come With A Divorce Investigation

Understanding The Complications That Come With A Divorce InvestigationOn the long list of complications that can ensue from getting a divorce, that awkward moment when you remember you have the name of your partner tattooed somewhere on your body might not seem too pressing.

Nevertheless, one law firm has made the news recently by stating that anyone using its divorce lawyers will be eligible for a free tattoo removal, in case they wish to eradicate any such signs of the soon-to-be-ended marriage.

While Frenkels Forensics does not claim to offer promotional deals such as this, the firm’s forensic accountants are extremely experienced when it comes to understanding the wide range of ramifications that follow on from a divorce investigation. Specifically, Frenkels Forensics’ accounting specialists are highly trained in assisting with divorce proceedings to ensure a fair and accurate financial settlement is reached.

For example, Frenkels Forensics is often called upon by one partner to assess the full list of assets owned by another, sometimes acting on suspicions that there are assets or investments that have been hidden from their spouse. Moreover, when one person owns a stake in a business that must then be shared with the divorced partner, our forensic accountants are on hand to value that stake, report on it, and thus ease negotiations.

And of course it is not simply experience in forensic accounting that is helpful when it comes to situations such as those detailed above; the understanding of how to act in these emotionally-charged situations is also of utmost importance. Conducting the divorce investigation in the correct manner and producing a report that will enable proceedings to advance smoothly is central to the services we provide.

For expert financial help in dealing with financial aspects of a divorce contact Frenkels Forensics for an independent appraisal.

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