The Rollercoaster Ride Of Personal Injury Claims

The Rollercoaster Ride Of Personal Injury ClaimsBehind the headlines about mass accidents that make the news, there are an array of repercussions that most people will never see. Most commonly after an accident there will be personal injury claims, which are an important part of the justice process.

The malfunctioning rollercoaster at Alton Towers on 2 June, which left 16 thrill-seekers injured, is a good example of this. To make up for the damage done through the theme park’s negligence, many customers will likely pursue a legal course of action to receive financial compensation.

In the immediate aftermath of the incident, a Yorkshire law firm picked up on this and tweeted: “Been injured in a rollercoaster crash?! We’re experts in Personal Injury!! #Smiler #AltonTowers.” The company quickly issued an apology for the timing of the social media post, recognising that it was a “severe error of judgement”.

Poor timing and bad taste aside, it does not change the fact that personal injury cases will probably ensue, leaving Alton Towers with claims to settle. And within these legal battles, forensic accounting services can play an important role in finding a fair sum for both sides.

Frenkels Forensics has a wealth of experience in representing both defendants and claimants in personal injury claims. The company’s expert forensic accountants will assess the injured party’s salary, pension, change in quality of life and medical bills, among many other things, to definitively show how much compensation they deserve.

Whether it is a defendant facing unfounded, inflated claims, or a claimant wanting to substantiate their claims, Frenkels Forensics can produce a court-ready report that will outline the monetary sum that ought to be applied to a personal injury claim.

For expert help in making or defending against a personal injury claim, contact Frenkels Forensics.

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