The Dangers Of Placing Price Limits On Personal Injury Claims

Personal injury claimsThe Dangers Of Placing Price Limits On Personal Injury Claims are an integral part of the justice system – they ensure that someone who has been harmed by someone else’s actions, whether maliciously or accidentally, gets the right amount of compensation to cover the cost of the injury.

However, in his Autumn Statement at the end of November, the Chancellor George Osborne revealed the government’s intention to remove the right to general damages for soft tissue injuries and increase the small claims limit to £5,000.

This cap on small claims is designed to tackle “compensation culture”, in which people make fraudulent or exaggerated claims for accidents they have been involved in – it is particularly an issue for road traffic accidents.

But the Chancellor’s decision to limit the amount a victim can win through a claim is very dangerous and undermines just how much damage can be done by even a seemingly innocuous incident. Indeed, following the announcement the Law Society said that it “completely undermines the right of ordinary citizens to receive full and proper compensation”.

Frenkels Forensics assists both claimants and defendants in personal injury claims and knows just how complicated these cases can be. And with the long list of considerations that must be made in these cases, it is easy to see how a £5,000 limit for even a small injury claim can quickly become completely insufficient.

Medical bills, time off work, a reduced quality of life, loss of earnings, mental distress or loss of pensions – due to not being able to work regularly to pay into a scheme or because of a fatal accident – can mean that one single injury can have huge knock-on effects, many of which will carry sizeable financial ramifications, Frenkels Forensics takes all of these things into account to arrive at a fair financial settlement.

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