Walking The Line Between Criminal Intent and Professional Negligence

Walking The Line Between Criminal Intent and Professional NegligenceThere is a fine but important line that divides intent and negligence, and it is one that must be constantly evaluated in court cases up and down the country.

It ultimately boils down to whether an act that caused some kind of harm – whether it was physical, financial or any other kind – was the result of a deliberate plan or simply because an individual or group failed to exercise due care.

Focusing on the latter, professional negligence can take many forms. From clinical negligence cases involving medical practitioners whose mistakes have had severe repercussions on people’s health through to professional negligence involving professional or financial services firms that have made poor decisions resulting in people losing a lot of money.

In professional and medical negligence cases, proving someone’s innocence or guilt is only part of the battle – often the more difficult aspect of the process is the compensation that comes next. And it is here that forensic accounting services play such an important role.

Frenkels Forensics is very experienced in commercial litigation and negligence cases. Whether acting on behalf of a claimant or defendant, the expert forensic accountants at the firm are able to demonstrate the losses incurred by a particular action.

For example, a financial adviser might have offered poor advice to a client about where to invest their money, which resulted in this investment going wrong and the client losing their money. Should action be taken in the aftermath of this, the defendant will need to fight a negligence claim to ensure they do not end up paying too much to the client to reverse the damage of the ill-founded advice – Frenkels Forensics can help them achieve this by producing a forensic accounting report that maps the financial details of the case.

There are a huge number of other cases similar to this that involved experts to draw the lines between a negligent act and its financial consequences, thereby ensuring the correct settlement is arrived upon in a professional negligence case.

For expert help with any kind of medical or professional negligence case, contact Frenkels Forensics for an independent appraisal.

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