Watch Out: Government To Ramp Up Tax Investigations

Watch Out: Government To Ramp Up Tax InvestigationsThe annual outing of the red briefcase is always an eagerly anticipated moment, and March’s Budget was of no exception. In fact, with it being an election year, the Chancellor’s speech received even more attention than usual.

But while George Osborne made the headlines, the UK government also took the opportunity to announce changes to its tax evasion laws, which could have a dramatic impact on tax investigations in the future.

Frenkels Forensics deal with many tax investigations every year, so the company was particularly alert to Danny Alexander’s announcement. The chief secretary to the Treasury said tax investigation authorities will no longer have to prove “intent to evade tax” to prosecute offenders, something that has often been a sticking point within tax evasion cases.

It will essentially mean a clampdown on anyone found guilty of using offshore accounts to dodge paying tax without the need to exhaustively prove there was substantial planning behind it. It will likely lead to far more tax investigations being launched.

The expert forensic accountants at Frenkels Forensics have the experience and resources to assist both individuals and companies in all types of UK tax investigations. Amidst the stress and confusion that often goes hand in hand with dealing with HMRC, the knowledge of what is required and how to resolve tax issues is of utmost importance – this is exactly what Frenkels can provide.

With the new powers afforded to HMRC – including the ability to name and shame offenders – the ability to bring any tax disputes to a swift and satisfying conclusion is more valuable than ever. As forensic accountants, Frenkels has the skills and knowledge to help an individual or business handle their case in the most appropriate way – and to assist in all negotiations with HMRC, which should never be entered into without prior knowledge of what one is doing.

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