Ignore The Press, Divorce Investigations Are No Laughing Matter

Ignore The Press, Divorce Investigations Are No Laughing MatterDivorces never stray far from the inside pages of the world’s newspapers; from high-profile splits to bizarre reasons for separation, divorces provide a seemingly never ending source of news.

In just the past few weeks there have been reports of an Indian woman leaving her husband-to-be after finding out he was poor at maths, while in Saudi Arabia, a man divorced his wife after finding out she was in love with her father’s camel. While these are reported in a semi-humorous way, there is certainly nothing amusing about a divorce investigation.

For one, a divorce investigation is played out against a backdrop of strong emotion, often making negotiations difficult. Furthermore, the process of determining exactly how much each party should get when a married couple parts ways is complicated and requires technical knowledge. This is why Frenkels Forensics often assists on divorce investigations, ensuring a fair settlement is reached.

But exactly what is involved in a ‘divorce investigation‘? It may arise because one or both spouses ask the forensic accountants to value a business or a private company that one of them holds shares in. This valuation, along with a calculation of other jointly or solely owned assets, such as properties, will then determine a price that must be handed over as part of the divorce proceedings.

In other cases one spouse may call upon Frenkels’ services during a divorce to investigate and try to trace assets they believe the other is hiding. In such cases, the company will utilise its forensic accounting and investigative skills to find these assets and report on the findings.

Importantly, the experienced experts at Frenkels understand that divorce investigations are fraught with stress and emotion. They go about their work in a mindful and considerate manner, thus helping bring proceedings to a quick, fair and amicable end.

For expert financial help in settling a divorce contact Frenkels Forensics for an independent appraisal.

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