Women More Likely To Initiate A Divorce Than Men

Women More Likely To Initiate A Divorce Than MenWomen are more likely than men to ask for a divorce, with an increasing number of females unhappy about the lack of gender equality in their marriage. Compare this to couples who are just dating or cohabiting, where men and women are equally as likely to call for an end to a relationship.

These are the findings of a study by Stanford University in California, which surveyed 2,262 adults in heterosexual relationships between 2009 and this year. It found that 69 per cent of divorces were initiated by women and that men not pulling their weight around the home was a major reason for the divorce.

Frenkels Forensics provides forensic accounting services for divorce investigations on a regular basis. The company knows that not only are these matters emotionally charged, but they are also fraught with technical financial complexity, which is why having experts on hand who are experienced in handling such cases can prove extremely valuable.

With a divorce also comes the task of dividing assets and savings. Frenkels Forensics can act on behalf of one spouse to value a business or a private company that one of them holds shares in, and may be a majority shareholding or a small minority interest.

Moreover, the forensic accounting experts at Frenkels Forensics are often instructed during a divorce to investigate and trace assets that one spouse believes the other is hiding, providing a report on what it is able to uncover.

Most importantly, when a relationship has broken down and negotiations are not progressing, Frenkels Fornsics’ staff know how to conduct themselves, handling the situation with care. This delicate touch, coupled with reports on forensic accounting evidence can play a key role in making headway with a divorce investigation.

For expert financial help in settling a divorce contact Frenkels Forensics for an independent appraisal.

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