Boris Berezovsky in Record Divorce Settlement

Boris Berezovsky in Record Divorce SettlementBoris Berezovsky, the Russian oligarch, has agreed to grant his ex-wife a record divorce settlement said to be worth up to £220 million.
Mr Berezovsky who is 64, agreed to the settlement after admitting unreasonable behaviour.  The Russian, who was an advisor to former president Boris Yeltsin, made his reported millions by obtaining state assets at knockdown prices during Russia’s hurry to privatise in the 1990s.
Mr Berezovsky and his wife, who both now live in London, were married for 18 years but separated after 2.  Mr Berezovsky has lived with his current girlfriend for some 16 years.
Neither Mr Berezovsky nor his ex-wife were Court at the time of the hearing.  It is not clear if forensic accounting experts were needed in this case.
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