Forensic Accounting Experts to Assist Government

Forensic Accounting Experts to Assist GovernmentThe government is expected to use the expertise of private sector fraud specialists to clamp down on organised crime, according to a new strategy published recently.
These organised crime networks cost the UK between £20 billion and £40 billion each year.
The minster for crime and security, James Brokenshire, has said that the government recognised the need to keep up with criminals’ increasingly sophisticated finance practices.  The government has estimated that there are approximately 38,000 people involved in organised crime in the UK, with some 6,000 criminal gangs.  The crimes committed include drugs, human trafficking and money laundering.
The minister also said that the government’s law enforcement agencies would work alongside tax and insolvency authorities to weed out the accountants and lawyers who aid may help these criminals by assisting them in setting up front companies.
As part of this initiative the government is expected to use private sector forensic accounting experts to help crack down on criminals.
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