Why Business Valuations Are Not Just For ‘Unicorns’

Why Business Valuations Are Not Just For 'Unicorns'Everyday we hear about a hot new startup selling for billions. These ‘unicorn companies’ are like gold dust to investors, who hope these businesses will reach the same heights as some of the most well-known tech giants.

But putting a value on a startup is a challenge. Often, these companies have yet to generate a profit, and in many cases they’re simply a great idea with no established revenue whatsoever. In these cases, the business value will have to assess market conditions, potential competitors and a wide range of variables before arriving at a business valuation.

Even with companies that make no claim to be the next Uber or Airbnb, deciding on an accurate business valuation can be a difficult task – although it is no less important. Whether it’s a football club or a florist, every business should have a current, credible valuation that takes into account all factors, including the worth of the brand.

The forensic accounting experts at Frenkels Forensics know how important it is to establish an accurate and defensible valuation, not only to protect the business against unforeseen eventualities, but to position it for long-term success. This is why they always look at the whole picture when assessing a company’s true worth.

Although every valuation is different, valuers must always consider the nature, history and economic outlook of a business. By assessing all of these facts and variables, including the business’s stock, assets, IP, staff, customer base, order book and, of course, turnover, Frenkels Forensics can produce a report that shows exactly how much the company is worth.

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