Using Forensic Accounting To Reveal The Truth In Road Traffic Accident Claims

Using Forensic Accounting To Reveal The Truth In Road Traffic Accident ClaimAs the government continues its crackdown on spurious personal injury claims, an element of controversy over some road traffic accident (RTA) remains.

Considering the number of fraudulent claims brought before insurers, such as the following case unveiled by Aviva, it’s not hard to see why.

In 2012, the insurance group decided to fight back against the 48 insurance claims it received from the passengers of a party bus, all of whom claimed to have suffered a whiplash injury from a collision with a Ford Fiesta. After proving that none of the passengers were actually injured in the collision – which involved a car travelling at less than 10mph – Aviva was able to successfully fight the case.

This is especially important considering the large number of genuine personal injury claims brought to insurers, many of which are tarnished by disingenuous claims. However, establishing the true extent of an injury or financial loss caused by a road traffic accident can be a tough job.

This is where Frenkels Forensics comes in – our team of forensic accountants prepare accurate projections based on the evidence gathered. Acting on behalf of the defendant or the claimant, they will calculate the net losses of the claimant, taking into account how their business would have progressed had it not been for the accident. Through the careful analysis of a variety of documents and records, Frenkels Forensics ensures that all cases come to a fair and accurate conclusion.

For expert help in making or defending against a personal injury claim contact Frenkels Forensics for an independent appraisal.

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