Businesswoman Awarded £6m For Failed Facelift

Businesswoman Awarded £6m For Failed FaceliftA businesswoman has been awarded more than £6m in damages after she was disfigured during a facelift.
Penny Johnson underwent a facelift in 2003 but was left with severe nerve damage around her eye and cheek after the surgeon carried out ‘experimental work’ on her face.
Mrs Johnson was a 50% shareholder and director of a financial and IT consultancy that has since folded.
The majority of Mrs Johnson’s award related to past and future loss of earnings after the surgery left a devastating impact on her personal and business life.
Frenkels Forensics are able to assist with all types of medical negligence and loss of earnings claims and have produced several reports on Claimants affected by plastic surgery gone wrong.  For more information please contact John Frenkel or Vitek Frenkel on 020 8457 2929.

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