Councils Pay Out Over £100 Million In Personal Injury Claims

Councils Pay Out Over £100 Million In Personal Injury ClaimsLocal councils have paid out more than £100 million on compensation claims over the past five years, figures obtained by the Mail Online following a freedom of information (FOI) request have revealed.

The £101 million handed over by local authorities relates to 8,800 claims, while thousands more were reportedly rejected. With such a huge volume of cases being put forward it is easy to see why both claimants and defendants often call upon the help of forensic accounting firms to help with personal injury claims.

Amidst the furore surrounding these claims it is essential that people keep in mind the potential loss of earnings that are connected with personal injury claims. It is not just builders falling off ladders that are not able to work and therefore loss money as a result of shoddy equipment being supplied; this kind of malpractice impacts upon people in almost every profession. From poor quality chairs through to improper height of computer screens, even desk workers can suffer serious long-term injuries at the hands of someone else’s negligence.

In such cases it is important that decisions and financial sums are carefully considered and based on well-presented facts.

This is exactly what the experts at Frenkels Forensics specialise in doing. The nine-figure pay out made by local councils for personal injury claims might seem excessive, but in reality there could have been many factors in determining this verdict.

Forensic accountants can help claimants by presenting the cold hard facts in an irrefutable way, ensuring someone who suffers at the hands of someone else’s negligence gets the correct compensation. Frenkels Forensics also act on behalf of defendants to cut down inflated claims and ensure an individual or organisation does not have to pay a penny more than they ought to.

For expert help in making or defending against a personal injury claim contact Frenkels Forensics for an independent appraisal.

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