How Our Digital Footprints Can Be Tracked In Legal Cases

How Our Digital Footprints Can Be Tracked In Legal CasesOur lives today are somewhat paradoxical; on the one hand we fervently demand the highest security for all of our online data, yet at the same time we hand over personal information via the internet on a day-to-day basis without a second’s thought.

The result is that data security has become a paramount concern for businesses and individuals alike – we realise that this digital information, whether stored in the cloud or on our own hard drive, is incredibly valuable. That value is also apparent in many criminal proceedings, with computer forensic experts increasingly being called upon to shed light on important aspects of a case.

Here at Frenkels Forensics we have built up a team of experts to offer computer forensic services because we recognise that data is at the heart of almost every aspect of our lives today. And in the case of a criminal investigation, the truth can often lie locked inside a hard drive.

To ‘crack the case open’, as a TV detective might say, experts must call upon sophisticated techniques to get access to where the data is stored, translate the data into something that will make sense in a court of law, and also provide additional information about a computer’s audit trial – essentially this will shed light on who performed what action and when.

In deciphering someone’s guilt or innocence, or to settle a legal dispute, analysing the data can often be the determining factor. As was stated at the start, despite fears that our every action is now traceable, most of us continue to march on, leaving a digital footprint in our wake – for forensic accountants, making sense of these footprints can increasingly help point a court towards the correct and proper conclusion when it comes to any financial or legal matters.

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