Employee Theft Investigation

We were instructed by the new owners of a well established restaurant to investigate theft by the general manager (GM) and others over a 2 year period. We were able to utilise our forensic skills to analyse the figures in depth and to access the computers and e-mails of the suspected perpetrators. We discovered a conspiracy involving several members of staff that involved the restaurant paying for staff and supplies at other unconnected restaurants in which the GM’s family had an interest. In addition functions were taking place at the premises paid for by the restaurant with the takings being diverted to the GM.

Following our report the owners were able to confront the perpetrators and show them that their theft had been discovered with a figure for the likely amount stolen. The investigation was carried out in the background and the staff were unaware that an investigation was taking place until they were confronted. They were all sacked and a new GM was appointed.

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