Ashley Madison Hack Illustrates Value Of Computer Forensics

Ashley Madison Hack Illustrates Value Of Computer ForensicsThe high profile data breach at Ashley Madison may not have been met with huge swathes of sympathy from the general public, but it has certainly triggered a great deal of legal action.

Ashley Madison is a dating website targeted at married people and those in long-term relationships. In July hackers stole personal and financial details of over 37 million users, which have since been released to the public.

Ashley Madison has itself launched a computer forensics investigation into the incident in an attempt to decipher exactly how it happened, while people’s whose profiles have been leaked are suing the company amid claims it failed to adequately protect their personal and financial information from theft.

While the nature of the information hacked and released might not attract much sympathy from onlookers, it was yet another stark reminder of the value and power of data in the modern world.

Frenkels Forensics has become acutely aware of the importance of computer systems and records within a huge number of the cases its works on. Indeed, many cases now require input from a computer forensics expert, which is why the company boasts highly skilled professionals that can supply this service above and beyond the forensic accounting that Frenkels Forensics is renowned for.

Computer forensics involves the analysis of all the information stored within a computer, not just the documents, to determine what actions were performed, when and by whom. Frenkels Forensics is instructed in many cases to produce a report on this data analysis to prove precisely how an act of cyber crime took place and who was responsible – as Ashley Madison will be working hard to uncover.

But the value of computer forensics extends far beyond cases of cyber crime; with the imperative role technology plays in people’s everyday lives, almost all of our actions leave behind a digital footprint. Frenkels Forensics can follow this data trial to provide valuable insight into a case and help the correct settlement be reached.

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