Why Fraud Investigations Need Outside Help

Why Fraud Investigations Need Outside HelpCases of fraud are reportedly on the rise since the change to the pension rules earlier this year.

As over-55s are now allowed to withdraw far more of their savings in one go, there has been a spike in the number of fraudsters trying to con people out of their money, Telegraph Money has said. And the newspaper claims that many of the culprits are going unpunished because, while £10,000 might be a lot for an average pensioner, for the police it is simply not a large enough sum for them to pursue.

The result is that victims and perpetrators have to build their own case for a fraud investigation, and this is where forensic accounting services prove their worth.

Frenkels Forensics can assist with many types of fraud investigations, including civil fraud, employee theft, criminal fraud and proceeds of crime. Using accounting expertise and experience of the many different types of fraud that can take place, Frenkels Forensics can help both claimants and defendants get to the bottom of a fraud case, and in doing so produce a report that can stand up in a court of law to demonstrate the exact financial values connected to the fraudulent activity.

For example, businesses might call upon Frenkels Forensics to investigate if an employee has been sneaking their hand inside the cookie jar and taking the company’s money. The forensic accountants on the case can not only ascertain if the crime took place but also how and the amount of money that has been taken and thus has to be repaid.

In other instances Frenkels Forensics can act on behalf of a defendant who stands accused of fraud and ensure the evidence prepared by the Crown Prosecution Service is consistent with the evidence brought by the Prosecution.

For expert help with a fraud investigation contact Frenkels Forensics for an independent appraisal.

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