Expat Workers Risking Financial Ruin

Expat Workers Risking Financial RuinExpatriate workers based in the Middle East are finding out too late that either they cannot claim damages or that the compensation they receive is only a fraction of what they would get if they had a similar personal injury claim in the UK.

Solicitors are trying to get the law changed to ensure that British companies with workers abroad to make full insurance provision for their employees and that those hired by foreign employers should be aware of the dangers.

If these expatriates have an accident at work most will be covered by insurance should receive the same compensation as in Britain. Laws in some Middle Eastern countries, such as Saudi Arabia, also provide for benefits for work-related injuries.

But when accidents occur away from work or where there is a dispute as to whether or not the victim was on company business then families can find themselves in a legal no man’s land.

If the victim is killed then the family will normally be able to claim on the life insurance policy. Where the victim is injured then there is often no one who can be sued for damages.  The problem lies in the fact that in most Middle Eastern countries there is no system of civil courts comparable to Britain, and secondly from the absence of compulsory vehicle insurance. Most very serious injuries result from road accidents.

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