Forensic Accounting Could Fill Support Gap Left By Action Fraud

Forensic Accounting Could Fill Support Gap Left By Action FraudPeople needing help in dealing with fraud ought to enter into civil proceedings, according to one expert, after it was revealed the government-backed national fraud helpline had “gone bust”.

Action Fraud was established in 2013 to provide support and advice for victims of fraud. However, the Daily Mail has reported that “crisis meetings” are being held as call centres have been closed and administration looms.

It is a serious issue for the government and the public; the latest data set from the Office for National Statistics about fraud says that in 2013 there were 207,252 fraud offences recorded by the police and Action Fraud. It is an extremely common type of crime that affects a huge number of individuals and businesses.

The existence of Action Fraud illustrates the need for support systems to help people understand and act against fraud. But other expertise is needed for fraud investigations, including forensic accounting services.

The experts at Frenkels Forensics are very experienced at working with both claimants and defendants within fraud cases – both civil and criminal – offering the support, guidance and technical skills required to ensure the client puts forward the best case possible.

For defendants in criminal fraud cases, Frenkels Forensics will compile a forensic accountancy report to examine and analyse the evidence prepared by the Crown Prosecution Service and to ensure that the case against the accused is consistent.

Meanwhile in civil fraud cases, Frenkel Forensics is typically called upon by businesses to investigate the possibility that a company is losing money due to a fraud or theft being perpetrated by one or more of its employees. In other instances, the firm’s IT experts can analyse, locate and recover data that reveals the details of a crime, which can be vital in proving someone’s guilt or innocence.

Whatever the case, Frenkels Forensics has the skills and experience to provide all the help an individual or business needs when confronted by fraud, which looks like it is going to become all the more important as Action Fraud struggles to stay afloat.

For expert help with a fraud investigation contact Frenkels Forensics for an independent appraisal.

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