NHS Medical Negligence Bill Exceeds £1.1 Billion

NHS Medical Negligence Bill Exceeds £1.1 BillionThe NHS paid out more than £1.1 billion on medical negligence claims in 2014/15 and the figure is expected to exceed £1.4 billion over the coming year, according to the NHS Litigation Authority.

Kettering General Hospital, it was recently revealed, has reached a settlement of over £7 million to the family of a baby who was the victim of medical negligence. Medical staff failed to spot signs of foetal distress after birth, leading to the baby receiving a lack of oxygen, causing brain damage and leaving it with cerebral palsy.

With such large single payments having to be made, it is easy to see why the NHS’s medical negligence bill surpasses the billion pound mark. And this is a reflection of how hugely damaging acts of medical negligence can be.

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