Government Asbestos Compensation Scheme Launched

Government Asbestos Compensation Scheme LaunchedThe Ministry of Justice has announced that workers suffering from asbestos related disease can apply for a £5,000 injury compensation payment.  The MoJ is now in a position to start accepting claims.

The announcement follows a long running saga in which the previous Government was accused of abandoning victims suffering from asbestos related illnesses after it announced earlier this year that it would not change a Law Lords ruling preventing sufferers of pleural plaques from claiming compensation.

Pleural plaques are small localised areas of fibrosis found within the pleura of the lung and are caused by asbestos exposure. They do not usually become malignant, or lead to mesothelioma or other asbestos-related diseases.

People who had already started a legal claim for compensation will now be given a £5,000 payment. It is thought the payments will be available for around 6,000 people affected by pleural plaques.

Frenkels Forensics are able to assist with the forensic accounting matters arising from asbestos and mesothelioma related insurance claims.  These can include lost years’ claims and fatal accidents claims.  For more information contact Vitek Frenkel or John Frenkel on 020 8457 2929.

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