Buncefield Firms Ordered To Pay £9.5m Compensation

Buncefield Firms Ordered To Pay £9.5m CompensationFive companies have been ordered to pay a combined total of £9.5 million following the devastating fire and explosion at Buncefield Oil Storage Depot in 2005, the largest peacetime explosion in British history.

The sentence was handed out at St Albans Crown Court following a joint prosecution by the Health and Safety Executive and the Environment Agency.

The Buncefield explosion took place early in the morning on 11 December 2005 when an industrial petrol storage tank operated by started to overflow forming a highly flammable cloud of vapour.  The resulting explosion registered a 2.4 reading on the Richter scale, injuring 43 people and destroying several nearby businesses.  While 43 people were injured there were 2,000 forced to abandon homes. Personal injury compensation claims are still waiting to be settled.

It was the biggest explosion in peacetime Britain, the fire tearing though 23 fuel tanks on the site and burning for five days. The resulting smoke cloud could be seen from space.

The cost of dealing with the disaster has been estimated at more than £1 billion, making it the most costly industrial accident in the UK’s history.

As forensic accountants Frenkels have a wealth of experience in dealing with personal injury claims and business interruption claims.  We have also worked with solicitors representing individuals those affected by the Buncefield explosion.  To find out more about our forensic accounting services please contact John Frenkel or Vitek Frenkel on 020 8457 2929.


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