Humans Fast Approaching ‘Digital Black Hole’, Google Chief Warns

Humans Fast Approaching ‘Digital Black Hole’, Google Chief WarnsDigital information uploaded to the internet, everything from important business documents through to personal photos and videos, could be at risk of falling into a ‘black hole’ never to be found again. This is according to Google’s vice-president Vint Cerf.

Needless to say the internet guru caused quite a stir when he issued this warning in mid-February, saying that the 21st century could become a second “Dark Ages” because so much of our digital files could be rendered inaccessible as technology develops at pace.

The prospect of a forgotten century is a grave concern, not just for serial photo-uploaders on Facebook, but also for computer forensics experts. Computer forensic investigations involve identifying, preserving, recovering, analysing and presenting facts and opinions about the digital information – and while these experts are highly skilled in gaining access to data and understanding someone’s digital footprint, if this information is lost into a black hole the task will become extremely difficult.

This presents a problem for many legal cases that rely on computer forensics to extrapolate information from encrypted data or data that is locked behind passwords. By doing so they can show who performed what digital action and when, thereby providing empirical evidence to support someone’s guilt or innocence.

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