Insurance Claims of Buncefield Locals

Insurance Claims of Buncefield LocalsDespite the fact that the Buncefield oil depot explosion took place almost four years ago, solicitors representing 275 locals say that only “between 15 and 20” of their claims have been fully settled by the oil company responsible.

Some residents have received compensation payouts from insurers, but many are still pursuing claims against the oil company Total UK for personal injury, uninsured loss, as well as for loss of earnings and falling house prices.

In March 2009 the High Court ruled that Total would have to foot a bill of possibly more than £750m in damages for claims arising from the fire.

As forensic accountants Frenkels have a wealth of experience in dealing with personal injury claims.  We have also worked with solicitors representing individuals those affected by the Buncefield fire.  To find out more about our forensic accounting services including personal injury claims, please contact John Frenkel or Vitek Frenkel on 020 8457 2929.

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