Personal Injury Claims: How Forensic Accounting Delivers A Fair Conclusion For Both Sides

Personal Injury Claims: How Forensic Accounting Delivers A Fair Conclusion For Both SidesLet’s face it, not a day goes by without personal injury claims appearing on your television set or making their way into your newspaper – they are a common occurrence and generate a lot of attention from both law firms and accused organisations.

Whether it’s shoddy road maintenance work that leads to a driver getting injured after hitting a large pothole, or it’s improper equipment resulting in harm to a builder, there are countless occasions in everyday life when the mistakes of others cause injury. And while these mistakes are often not malicious or intentional, personal injury claims are essential for ensuring due compensation is delivered to the injured party.

But this is not just a job for lawyers; forensic accounting firms play a key role in these cases. That is because there may be economic losses suffered by the claimant and as such it is vital – for both claimants and defendants – that the amount of compensation awarded is fair.

Frenkels Forensics specialise in assisting solicitors and insurers with the correct assessment of economic losses suffered by claimants. Whether an injured person is seeking to recover damages short-changed by those responsible for their accident or an insurer has received a claim which appears to be inflated, the experts at Frenkels Forensics can deliver a highly technical assessment of just how much is really owed.

This requires an examination of the financial ramifications of an accident. This may be because someone can’t work and therefore loses out on their bonuses and commission, or perhaps they have to change jobs to a lower pay grade as their capacity to work is reduced.
Taking a more precise approach to evaluating a personal injury claim will mean that the claimant receives exactly what they are owed but also that a defendant does not end up footing the bill for any more than they should, resulting in a satisfactory conclusion for both parties.

For expert help in making or defending against a personal injury claim, contact Frenkels Forensics for an independent appraisal.

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