Untangling The Complicated Financial Consequences Of Clinical Negligence

Untangling The Complicated Financial Consequences Of Clinical NegligenceThe NHS faced £1.1 billion worth of clinical negligence claims in 2014, new figures have shown.

This figure means that £1 in every £100 of the NHS’s budget is spent on compensation claims, according to the Department for Health. This is because, while doctors and nurses across the UK do a largely fantastic job, there are times when things will unfortunately go wrong.

Where injury or death are caused by a duty of care being breached during clinical or medical services, including dental or nursing services, the victim might be entitled to financial compensation for what is termed ‘clinical negligence’, or  ‘medical negligence’, as it is also known.

As is easy to imagine, when things do go wrong in cases of clinical negligence, the consequences are often severe, both for one’s health and the subsequent financial ramifications. And this is where the forensic accounting experts at Frenkels Forensics come in.

If something goes wrong then Frenkels Forensics can work out exactly what a fair amount of compensation will be. This is an incredibly important service for both claimants and defendants; that is to say, the patients and the medical practitioners.

From loss of earning and additional health care bills through to psychological damage and reduced quality of life, there are a wide range of costs associated with clinical negligence claims. Carefully calculating exactly what these losses are using experienced and highly-trained forensic accountants can dispel exaggerated or underestimated claims and help bring a clinical negligence case to a speedy and, more importantly, fair conclusion.

For expert help with a clinical negligence case contact Frenkels Forensics for an independent appraisal.

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