Postponed Surgeries Could Prompt Rise In Medical Negligence Claims

Postponed Surgeries Could Prompt Rise In Medical Negligence ClaimsMedical negligence can take a lot of different forms, including poor medical advice, surgical mistakes or healthcare professionals not acting in a timely fashion.

When it comes to healthcare, acting quickly is of utmost importance. Figures released by NHS England have shown that last year, 71,482 operations were postponed and 104 people died before their delayed NHS surgery could be rescheduled.

The NHS in the UK, like most public health services around the world, is increasingly having to achieve more and more on tighter budgets. However, there are also inefficiencies within the NHS that can pose serious risks to patients, such as postponed operations – that is why it is unsurprising so many medical negligence cases are brought against the NHS.

The NHS paid out more than £1.1 billion on medical negligence claims in 2014/15 and the figure is expected to exceed £1.4 billion over the coming year, according to the NHS Litigation Authority. And for the unfortunate people who find themselves involved in a medical negligence claim, the forensic accounting experts at Frenkels Forensic accountants are on hand to help.

Whether it is a delayed operation or a mistake made while care was being administered, a patient can often be due financial compensation to right the wrong done to them. Frenkels’ forensic accountants work to carefully examine the full range of repercussions resulting from an act of negligence and demonstrate how this translates into things like loss of earnings, loss of pensions, diminished quality of life, additional costs and any other ways the victim might have had their bank balance or future earning potential damaged.

By presenting this information in a clear and detailed report fit for court, Frenkels Forensics can help both sides reach a fair and agreeable settlement based on precise and thorough calculations.

For expert help with any kind of medical or professional negligence case, contact Frenkels Forensics for an independent appraisal.

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