Scottish Tax Investigations Targeting Capone-like Gangsters

Sharing Assets: How Can Forensic Accounting Help?Tax investigations have been launched in Scotland targeting gangsters that have been likened to Al Capone, it was reported in October.

HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) revealed that it is scrutinising the lifestyles of Scotland’s 600 most dangerous organised criminals, including lawyers, accountants and other associates. It was a story that pricked the ears of many people who would otherwise be quick to dismiss tax-related news as uninteresting.

The sheer scale of the operation, combined with the individuals and organisations being targeted, has drawn comparisons to the 1931 tax evasion trial of Chicago mobster Al Capone. The links have been strengthened by the fact that the tax investigation is combining the knowledge of the police with the authorities of HMRC.

In total there are thought to be 3,000 men and women on the investigators’ radar, and with this massive investigation will come the need for forensic accounting services.

Forensic accounting forms a vital part of many tax investigations. The experts are able to follow a paper trail to uncover the truth behind the numbers but, more commonly, forensic accountants can come to the assistance of defendants within tax investigations.

Frenkels Forensics can help deal with the complexity of tax issues and also provide valuable assistance in dealing with HMRC. The team is vastly experienced when it comes to helping with all manner of tax investigations, including investigations into tax evasions or tax fraud, PAYE & Benefits, civil investigation of fraud and VAT investigations.

Naturally, the specific services provided will depend on the type of investigation a defendant is subject to, as well as the stage of said investigation. Importantly, though, the forensic accountants at Frenkels Forensics have the skills and knowledge to help a defendant handle their case in the most appropriate way, including offering the right professional advice before entering into discussions with HMRC – without which matters can escalate.

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