Using Forensic Accounting to Solve Fraud Cases

Using Forensic Accounting to Solve Fraud CasesLike it or not, we all have to accept that fraud is an ugly part of life, both personal and professional.

Whether it’s civil fraud or criminal fraud, forensic accounting can prove extremely useful in aiding fraud investigations. The case might not be as far-reaching or glamorous as Leonardo DiCaprio made it look in Catch Me If You Can, but the implications of fraud on your business can prove extremely damaging.

In a civil fraud case, a business could find that its books don’t add up or that it is losing money because of the fraudulent actions of one or more of its employees. To use a very simple example to illustrate the point; perhaps a member of staff in a shop is skewing the accounts and pocketing cash from the till, or perhaps an employee stands accused of doing so but has done no such thing.

In a criminal fraud case often a company or individual who stands accused of fraud will call on specialists to help prove their innocence. Perhaps a business is accused of benefiting from a Ponzi scheme when in fact the prosecution is basing its arguments on arithmetic errors or incorrect conclusions drawn from financial documents.

Whatever the case, these are serious claims and carry heavy ramifications for the potentially guilty party. As experts in forensic accounting, Frenkels Forensics can conduct a thorough investigation to examine just why the numbers don’t add up. Critically, the firm does it in a prudent way so as not to alert anyone who could then cover up their actions.

By mapping a company’s transactions, taking an in-depth look at its accounts and examining the electronic data stored on individual and work computers, Frenkels Forensics can uncover anomalies that might hint at something untoward taking place.

For expert help in uncovering fraud or demonstrating your innocence in a fraud case, contact Frenkels Forensics for an expert and independent appraisal.

We can help assist individuals, companies, lawyers, barristers and accountants in getting to the bottom of illegal practices or explaining suspect-looking accounts.

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