Victory for Merseyside Mesothelioma Victim

Victory for Merseyside Mesothelioma VictimA Merseyside family has secured what could prove to be a crucial legal victory for asbestos cancer (mesothelioma) sufferers.

Mrs Enid Costello died after being exposed to asbestos in her workplace.

But, unlike many other mesothelioma victims she was never in direct contact with deadly asbestos spores.

When originally diagnosed her ex-employer argued that she could not prove her exposure happened at work.

Now the Court of Appeal has ruled that her ex-employer is in fact responsible for the low level exposure.

Frenkels are able to assist with the forensic accounting matters arising from asbestos and mesothelioma related insurance claims.  These can include lost years’ claims and fatal accidents claims.  For more information contact Vitek Frenkel or John Frenkel on 020 8457 2929.


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